Fairmont Debate Students Win Another Bid to the Tournament of Champions

This past weekend, your Fairmont Prep debate team traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah to compete at the annual Alta Silver and Black Invitational. They were there to debate the merits of increased gun control in the United States. Eight students from Fairmont Prep competed in Varsity Public Forum against 180 other competitors from all over the country.

In a tremendous showing, Fairmont Prep sophomore Numair Razzak was individually ranked the fourth best debater out of all 188 competitors. Additionally, after six preliminary seeding rounds, three of the four Fairmont Prep teams advanced to the elimination bracket. The sophomore team of Adam Alamy/Olivia Bobrownicki advanced to the top 16 before being eliminated in their octofinal debate. Advancing to the top 16 earned Olivia and Adam their first Silver Bid to the Tournament of Champions!

The teams of Matthew Ong/Jennifer Cresap and Numair Razzak/Alex Kim ended the tournament in the top 32 after debating their double-octofinal rounds.

Next month, the Fairmont Prep debate team will travel to compete in the John Edie Holiday Debates hosted by The Blake School to debate the topic "Resolved: Spain should grant Catalonia its independence."

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