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Fairmont Prep’s College Prep (CP) curriculum gives students the preparation they need to be successful in collegiate courses by teaching them study methods, critical thinking, and organization tactics. All of our standard CP curriculum is University of California (UC) approved, and completion of our standard diploma curriculum qualifies our students for acceptance at one or more UC campuses.

Fairmont Preparatory Academy is committed to offering our students unique course options at every academic level to allow students to engage in curriculum that interests them. We offer a number of standard-level courses not commonly found in high school, including: Computer Science, Digital Multimedia, Fashion Design, Film, Forensics, and Speech.

Advanced Placement by the Numbers

Fairmont Preparatory Academy encourages students to challenge themselves with college-level AP coursework while still in high school. With AP classes in all areas of the curriculum, students can play to their strengths and individualize their course of study. AP classes prepare students to earn academic credit accepted by major colleges and universities.

The College Board, which administers the AP Program, has recognized Fairmont’s strong successes, particularly in math and the sciences, and identifies the Prep as having “one of the highest student success rates in the state.”

Cumulatively, Fairmont Prep students take over 400 AP tests per year. Over the past four years, our school-wide average AP pass rate is over 84%.

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International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

Fairmont Preparatory Academy is an IB World School. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is an internationally acclaimed course of study, meeting worldwide standards of excellence. The IB Diploma Program provides a continuum of education which emphasizes connections among various disciplines, encourages students to think globally, and guides students to a deeper understanding of knowledge and the ways knowledge develops and works. Students complete independent research, are involved in projects that foster creativity, action and community service, and take specialized courses. Most courses culminate in a seated IB Exam.

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As one of the few Orange County Private Schools with an IB Diploma Program, Fairmont Prep is pleased to provide this unique educational opportunity for the world's future leaders.

Advanced Science and Engineering Program

Recognized by the College Board as "one of the top math, science and technology schools in California" the Advanced Science & Engineering Program at Fairmont Preparatory Academy consists of courses identified as "exemplary and innovative" by the University of California. 

ASEP core courses employ problem based learning strategies to teach real world skills.  When combined with accelerated and advanced courses, our program provides an unparalleled opportunity for STEM students.

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Fairmont has been recognized by The College Board as being “one of the top math, science, and technology schools in California.”

Advanced Math

Fairmont has repeatedly been recognized by the College Board and the Siemens Corporation for having one of the top math programs in California. Fairmont’s math program rivals those of top math and science schools across the country and allows students to take college level math courses rarely offered in high school.

Through our partnership with California State University at Fullerton, students can earn direct university credit for most of our advanced math courses, giving them the opportunity to receive up to 22 units of university math credit by the time they graduate.

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Over the last 6 years, Fairmont’s pass rate on the AP Calculus BC exam is 98%, and the average score is 4.7.

International Business Program

The International Business Advanced Program is a selective, accelerated program geared to prepare motivated students for matriculation into the University of California system and other highly regarded American universities.

This cohort program, with two dedicated Advanced Programs counselors offers students internship opportunities, access to International Baccalaureate Diploma courses as well as the full breadth of AP course offerings. 

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