Preparatory Teacher Profiles

Goes the extra mile for students. Embraces new ideas and technologies. Cares about and respects students. Enthusiastically sets the stage for learning. Approaches teaching with passion and a sense of adventure. Communicates well and often. Loves what she or he does, and it shows. Connects with students in a meaningful way. Recognizes and celebrates individual differences. Knows how to balance tradition and innovation. Motivates and inspires the desire to achieve. Holds high expectations for students.

At Fairmont Preparatory Academy we believe that our faculty and staff are our greatest asset and have the ability to make the most significant impact on students’ lives. Our teachers bring a wealth of knowledge to our community, coming from varied educational backgrounds and having practical experience in their respective fields. Many of our teachers have lived or taught abroad and speak multiple languages, adding to our rich and diverse culture. At Fairmont Preparatory Academy, teachers go through an extensive hiring process that includes multiple interviews and several classroom teaching demonstrations which help us identify educators who are not only highly qualified but possess a passion for students and education.