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“My son is a graduate of this school and I couldn’t be happier with his education, work ethic, and a great high school experience. Currently in his second year of WSU and in the National Guard Reserve paying for his own tuition. Thank you Fairmont.”

- Fairmont Parent (Via

- “Fairmont’s large array of ready-to-listen counselors and teachers is now a much missed support system that I loved. Their academic programs like Cal’s famous calculus class make me feel like a genius in my math classes now.”

Fairmont Prep Alumni, Class of 2012 (via

“Fairmont is a great school. I have had my children in both private and public schools and this is by far the best. The state budget cuts do not affect this school, and you will find art, music, science, drama, computer, foreign language, instrumental and PE have not been cut. Class sizes are small with dedicated teachers. If I could do it all over again, I would start both of my daughters here in preschool.”

- Parent Parent (via

“This year my family decided to enroll our daughter at Fairmont Private Schools. The school was recommended to us by our good family friends. We were looking for a more challenging and hands-on education for our daughter. We wanted to see our daughter improve her learning habits and gain skills to be able to study independently from home. It is obviously difficult for a child to adjust to a new school, but at Fairmont she felt very comfortable and we could see her improving instantly. She is able to have a different relationship with her teachers than at any other school. At Fairmont she is studying in a challenging yet friendly and overall stimulating environment. As a parent I feel very welcome and well-informed about my daughter’s progress at school. I will recommend Fairmont to any parent looking to improve their children’s overall education and enroll them into an environment where learning becomes fun for the whole family.”

- Fairmont Parent & Olympic Champion Figure Skater (Ekaterina Gordeeva)

"From my own personal experiences, for the most part, my teachers were great and genuinely cared for all of their students. Classes here were pretty small compared to other schools, so all of the teachers pretty much knew the names of every single student in every class. One of the things I really liked was that whenever I had questions about homework of anything, the teachers were almost always available to help. I, personally, think the key to being happy at Fairmont is to be involved in something you like whether it is ASB, theater, sports, or clubs. One of the perks of Fairmont is that it is really easy to be involved in whatever you want. I can honestly say that my experiences in ASB and the theater program were the most rewarding parts of my high school career. Once I found my niche, Fairmont became a second home for me."

- Fairmont Prep Alumni, Class of 2011 (via

"I graduated from Fairmont Prep about 10 years ago and believe that the great faculty here really had a positive impact on the way that I think and live my life today. The environment at Fairmont enables motivated students to grow intellectually and prepares them for the real world. Although the teachers are excellent, it is ultimately up to the students to determine what they get out of the experience of attending Fairmont Prep. Don’t expect Fairmont or any other school to make your child a successful student; it’s up you (the parents). The resources are all there; excellent faculty and facilities. I recommend Fairmont Prep to any parent serious about their child’s development."

- Fairmont Prep Alumni, Class of 2002 (via

"Education is the greatest give a parent can give to their child. And yes, like some have stated on this blog, it can be expensive. We truly believe that every dollar we have put into my child’s education at Fairmont is worth it! Both my husband and I feel that we all have been very grateful to be a part of this organization, in fact it’s actually become more of a family to us. Our child has attended FPS since pre-school and is very fortunate to be surrounded in an environment where everyone is there to help the students become successful with their high school and college outcome. The resources available to the students are incredible; the Prep Plus Program is a list of afterschool activities that is included in your tuition; this even includes tutoring! And the new counseling center that offers a ratio of 1 counselor to 80 students is unheard of!!! Fairmont Private Schools: Keep up the fantastic job you do, not only your students but for us parents too! I truly encourage any parent that is looking for academic excellence and well roundness for their child to take a look here, we’ve been very, very happy."

- Fairmont Parent (via

"I graduated from Fairmont last year. I was a former student, so I was not concerned with tuition prices. I went to Fairmont all of my life, so my parents were constantly paying the high tuition prices. Like most experiences in life, Fairmont is great if you choose to take advantage of all that they have to offer. Now that I’m in college, I can easily say that Fairmont spoiled me in a sense. Their large array of ready-to-listen counselors and teachers is now a much missed support system that I loved. Their academic programs like Cal’s famous Calculus class makes me feel like a genius in my math classes now. Don’t overlook their extracurriculars either. Fairmont is for people who want to excel."

- Fairmont Prep Alumni, Class of 2011 (via

"Fairmont’s university outcomes speak for themselves. Have a look at the facts and you will see why it remains one of the best schools in the area. Fairmont is doing a superb job in producing well rounded students who are critical thinkers, keep up the great work!"

- Fairmont Parent (via

"I went to Fairmont back in the 80’s (K-8) and I can still say to this day that I have an advantage over my peers because of the superior education I received. It is an incredible school and I still remember all of my teachers distinctly. I only wish that the high school had been open when I graduated from 8th grade."

- Fairmont Prep Alumni (via

"In preparation for college, my son attended Mr. Calavitta’s Calculus Bootcamp and is now excelling in advanced caculus in college. Over half of the staff and faculty hold advanced degrees; they facilitate learning as opposed to delivering curriculum; students have multiple counsellors to guide them throughout high school and on to top colleges; student population is diverse yes but this prepares the kids for a real world college experience and global work place; multiple opportunities for the kids to get involved and really enjoy high school the way it should be. Why wouldn’t you choose to have your student attend a school that can offer all of this?"

- Fairmont Parent (via

"Perfect place to raise a well-rounded child. They strike a perfect balance in this highly competitive environment where schools tend to solely focus on education."

- Fairmont Parent (via

"This is a great school! I’m so glad that my kids are at this school...great teachers and high quality kids."

- Fairmont Parent (via
Quick Facts
Fairmont Prep has a combination of programs unlike any other school in California:
  • College Prep with well-rounded program of courses across disciplines
  • Engineering Program featuring college-level courses
  • Advanced Science Program with direct-to-med college acceptances
  • International Baccalaureate Program with 21 courses
  • Advanced Math with the ability to earn up to 22 college credits

You will find some of Southern California’s finest teachers at Fairmont Prep.

- Robert Mendoza, Headmaster Testimonial Image