Why Fairmont Prep?

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At Fairmont, we can think of many things that make our school unique. Below are a few reasons why parents choose Fairmont Preparatory Academy.
  • 91% of our graduates who applied were accepted to a top 100 college or university
  • Individualized college counseling services
  • A personalized approach to learning
  • Opportunities to participate in athletics, the arts and extracurricular activities
  • Diversified students prepared for a global society

91% of our graduates who applied were accepted to top 100 college or university

Fairmont Preparatory Academy's approach to college counseling involves finding the best college fit for students and discovering a college where each individual student will be inspired, challenged, successful, and prepared for his or her next goals. In accordance with its mission, Fairmont Preparatory Academy is extremely gratified that students are heading to colleges that best suit their unique goals and best prepare them for their future work and post-graduate studies. In 2017, 91% of our graduates who applied were accepted to a Top 100 College or University (as defined by US News and World Report).

Individualized college counseling services

For our highly motivated students, high school is an important stepping stone to college. From the very first day of the freshman experience, our academic and college counselors guide students as they navigate the Prep’s rigorous curriculum and extensive extracurricular opportunities in preparation for college admission. A 40:1 student/college counselor ratio allows our counselors to focus on building relationships with students and supporting them every step of the way to their best-fit college or university.

A personalized approach to learning

Fairmont Preparatory Academy offers multiple academic pathways for students to achieve their goals. With support from our counselors, students chart their own course selecting from college preparatory courses, extensive Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma courses. In addition, students can channel their interests and earn college credit while participating in any of our advanced programs: Advanced Science and Engineering, International Business, and Advanced Math. With so many options, students can customize an academic program that piques their curiosity, challenges their minds, and prepares them for the path ahead.

Opportunities to participate in athletics, the arts and extracurricular activities

It is often said of the Prep that we are “a small school with big school benefits”. That’s especially true when it comes to our extensive opportunities in athletics, the arts, and extracurricular activities. It’s not uncommon for a Prep student to be enrolled in the Advanced Science and Engineering Program while playing two varsity sports, performing in the school choir, and serving in the ASB. The Prep offers 14 CIF sports including girls’ and boys’ basketball, golf, soccer swimming and tennis. Students can choose from a variety of visual and performing arts courses including AP- and IB-level courses. In addition, students can participate in robotics, dance, yoga, comedy and dozens of other enrichment courses through the Prep Plus after-school program.

Diversified students prepared for a global society

Today’s students must cultivate a wide range of knowledge, experience, and real-world skills in order to compete in a rapidly-changing world. Fairmont Prep students build a solid academic foundation while at the same time developing strong character and leadership abilities, engaging their imagination and creativity, and strengthening social skills and cultural understanding. Whether its daily interactions with the Prep’s multi-cultural faculty and student body, serving the local community through the required 20 hours of yearly service or participating in our exciting and varied campus life, Fairmont students leave high school empowered to make a difference in our world.

Quick Facts
Fairmont Prep has a combination of programs unlike any other school in California:
  • College Prep with well-rounded program of courses across disciplines
  • Engineering Program featuring college-level courses
  • Advanced Science Program with direct-to-med college acceptances
  • International Baccalaureate Program with 20 courses
  • Advanced Math with the ability to earn up to 22 college credits

“Advanced Placement Program with recognition by the College Board as having “one of the highest student success rates in California in math, science and technology”

- College Board, 2012 why-fairmont-prep-1