Academic Overview

Academic Overview

Fairmont Prep’s College Prep (CP) curriculum gives students the preparation they need to be successful in collegiate courses by teaching them study methods, critical thinking, and organization tactics. All of our standard CP curriculum is University of California (UC) approved, and completion of our standard diploma curriculum qualifies our students acceptance to one or more UC campuses.

Fairmont Prep is committed to offering our students unique course options at every academic level to allow students to engage in curriculum that interests them. We offer a number of standard-level courses not commonly found in high school, including: Biomedical Ethics, Computer Science, Digital Multimedia, Fashion Design, Film, Forensics, and Speech.

The Prep Academy’s course offerings provide a variety of pathways for students to follow. Many students choose to take courses from various levels of instruction because this flexibility aligns more closely with their abilities. Our programs for study are as follows:

CP - College Preparatory Courses
These are standard level courses designed to prepare students to succeed in freshman collegiate courses.

H – Honors Courses
These courses are more in depth and move at a faster pace than the CP courses. They are designed to prepare students to succeed in Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Medical Magnet or Engineering Magnet coursework.

AP - Advanced Placement Courses
These college level courses are advanced and are intended to culminate with the AP exam. If the student scores well on an AP exam, he/she may earn college credits for the course. It is expected that each student who takes an AP course will also take the AP exam for that course... Read More

Fairmont Prep’s Course Catalogue

Fairmont Prep's Advanced Programs

Advanced Science and Engineering Program

This rigorous program is designed to provide students with a solid science, mathematics, engineering and language curriculum that will provide a foundation for future premedical college courses, or those who wish to major in engineering or related fields. The challenging program allows for flexibility in course offerings, including a future course in bioengineering, a field often mentioned as one of the best careers in the near future. The idea is to give students increased flexibility, allowing students the opportunity to take courses in both the science and engineering areas, finding their preference or combining the two. See four year plan for this program at the end of the catalogue.

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International Baccalaureate Diploma

With options in every discipline, and with a good degree of independent work required, guidance is a central part of our IB Diploma Program. Teachers, counselors and advisors help students experience the best the IB Diploma to the fullest. With such a rigorous program and with such strong guidance, it is easy to see why our students are so successful in earning roughly one year of college credit and placement at top schools.

Fairmont is one of two independent high schools in Orange County to offer the IB Diploma. The IB Diploma is recognized by colleges and universities around the world and requires special coursework, exams, and independent work.

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International Business Program

Launched in 2014, the International Business Program is a selective program geared to prepare motivated students for matriculation into the country’s top universities. This cohort-style program offers students the opportunity to earn college credit in partnership with Cal Poly, access to domestic and international internships, access to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, along with a full breadth of AP course offerings. Notable courses include Ethics, International Management, Entrepreneurship, and a Capstone course among others.

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Advanced Mathematics Program

Fairmont has repeatedly been recognized by the College Board and the Siemens Corporation for having one of the top math programs in California. Fairmont’s math program rivals those of top math and science schools across the country and allows students to take college level math courses rarely offered in high school. Through our partnership with California State University at Fullerton, students can earn direct university credit for most of our advanced math courses, giving them the opportunity to receive up to 22 units of university math credit by the time they graduate.

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