Graduation Requirements

Fairmont Prep Graduation

High School Academic Program (Grades 9-12)

Fairmont Prep Academy students must complete a total of 230 credits as well as a combination of specific core subjects and electives in order to graduate. Students in all grades must carry 35 credits per semester and maintain a seven course schedule. All students must complete 80 required community service hours to complete graduation requirements. All students will be placed in appropriate core courses according to Fairmont Prep placement exams, standardized exams, teacher recommendations and Department Chair final approval.

High School Graduation Requirements

The graduation requirements listed here, along with elective courses, meet or exceed the University of California admission requirements.

Subject Number of Years/Credits
English 4 years/40 credits
Math 3 years/30 credits
Science 3 years/30 credits
Social Science 3 year/30 credits
World Languages 2 years/20 credits
Visual and Performing Arts 1 year/10 credits
Physical Education 4 semesters/20 credits
Health 1 course
Fundamentals of Success 1 semester

Summer Courses Taken For Advancement

Certain courses may be taken in the summer to earn advancement credit. Courses must be pre-approved by the Department Chair and must conform to the standards outlined by the department in order for credit to be earned with a summer course. Advancement courses must be taken at Fairmont Preparatory Academy. Approved courses taken outside of Fairmont will receive credit but the grade will not be factored into the student’s grade point average.

Summer Program

Honors Credit for Grade Point Averages and UC Course Approval

Fairmont offers a wide variety of honors level courses. Although Fairmont will honor an additional point for honors level courses in grade point average calculations, college and universities may choose only select Honors level courses for college/university grade point average calculations. Please visit the UC website below for the most current UC approvals and honors credit.

UC Approval/Honors Credit Updated August 21st, 2015

Expected School Wide Learning Results

Our goal is to prepare students in the following ways by the time they graduate:

Intellectual, Physical and Artistic Development

  • Preparation for post-secondary learning opportunities in college and beyond
  • Critical thinking, problem solving, and use of creative solutions
  • Creative expression skills
  • Facility with research strategies and tools
  • Application of skills across the curriculu
  • Understanding the importance of the connections between mind and body

Effective Communication Skills

  • Writing clearly, concisely, and in diverse genres
  • Reading with comprehension and application
  • Speaking clearly, concisely and articulately
  • Active listening with understanding
  • Community and Character Growth
  • Respecting and understanding diverse peoples, cultures and perspectives
  • Behaving appropriately and respectfully in a group and independently
  • Contributing talents and time to improve the school and community
  • Balancing a challenging schedule of work, activities, leisure and family time

Technology and Media Skills

  • Ability to apply the appropriate technology to solve problems
  • Adeptness using current technology
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