Prep TEC Program

The Prep TEC Program is purposefully designed as a partnership between Fairmont Prep educators and Fairmont’s information technology department. Any addition of new technology is carefully researched by the education department first to ensure that the technology can be fully integrated into the learning experience to enhance, and not distract from student learning. Then the information technology team works with our educators to recommend the most strategic buying decision and equip the school facility to operate the technology optimally.

"There is definitely a heightened sense of engagement among students who can use their iPads to access real-time content, take notes and assessments, and utilize relevant applications."
— Robert Mendoza, Headmaster
One to One iPad Program Off to Strong Start at Fairmont Prep

Fairmont Preparatory Academy’s one-to-one iPad program is off to a very successful start with students and teachers using their iPads for classes as diverse as Physics and Physical Education. Mobile devices are the latest technology tools to be integrated into the school's TEC (Technology-Enhanced Curriculum) Program. They have been incorporated as part of a comprehensive, three-year roll-out which included research, teacher training and beta testing.

"We have benefitted from a thorough and conscientious roll-out process, so it’s been great having all of the iPads on campus this year,” says Fairmont Preparatory Academy Headmaster Robert Mendoza. “There is definitely a heightened sense of engagement among students who can use their iPads to access real-time content, take notes and assessments, and utilize relevant applications. Teachers have been just as enthusiastic, in part because we took the time to solicit their input during the pilot phase and invested heavily in teacher training."

Program Development History

The Pilot Phase, conducted over the 2011/2012 school year, determined that a one-to-one mobile device program would provide the following benefits to Fairmont Prep students:

  1. Enhance student learning experience
  2. Increase teacher efficiency
  3. Further develop a 21st Century Learning Environment
  4. Support Fairmont’s green initiatives by reducing paper use and reliance on textbooks
  5. Streamline classroom technology through one central device

The pilot also specifically identified the Apple iPad as the most strategic choice for Fairmont Prep compared to other tablet devices based on usability and app availability and variety.

The Professional Development Phase

During the Professional Development Phase, Prep teachers became acclimated to using the iPad before the students began using iPads in class. All teachers received an iPad in June 2012, and they participated in training assignments and workshops during that summer. After testing the iPads during the 2012 fall semester, teachers had a full week of professional development in January 2013 dedicated to technology integration and how the iPad program could function uniquely in each department to optimize teacher and student experience.

The Propagation Phase

The Propagation Phase began at the start of the 2013/2014 school year with 100% student participation in a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) format. Fairmont Prep determined in the Pilot Phase that BYOD was preferable to students than renting or borrowing a school-owned device. Students wanted to customize their devices instead of following restrictions set by the school. (The cost of the iPad was offset by a reduction in textbook costs, as textbooks will be accessed virtually on the iPad.) In addition to daily use in the classroom through curriculum integration and use for homework and projects, students are using their iPads to communicate and collaborate outside the classroom. Fairmont Prep also worked with the Student Honor Board to create the iPad Acceptable Use Policy that students are required to follow on campus. The Prep TEC iPad program will be reevaluated on an annual basis to ensure that teachers and students are continuing to benefit. Surveys and academic outcomes will be two tools used to measure the program’s effectiveness.

Click Here to Download the Fairmont Prep RYO Acceptable Use Policy

Click Here to Download the Prep TEC Information Letter

About Prep TEC

Prep TEC began with the integration of the learning management system Blackboard and the online grade tracking portal Net Classroom in 2010. Since that time, students have acclimated to accessing assignments, submitting homework, taking quizzes, and more on Blackboard, and they now say that Blackboard is their preferred form of online communication with the school.

In addition to these components, Prep TEC also includes interactive whiteboards installed in key cross-departmental classrooms. Short Throw High Resolution Projectors that are optimized for video content have also been integrated in our classrooms. The entire Fairmont Prep campus also has password protected wireless Internet access. Fairmont continues to invest in Prep TEC by offering an Advanced Placement Computer Science course. To support this class, along with the yearbook and graphic design classes, a Mac Computer Lab was opened in 2012. Prep TEC is continuously developing to respond to technology and education trends in a way that creates the optimal 21st Century learning experience for our students.

Dr. Rebecca Osborne
Technology-Enhanced Curriculum Specialist​

Dr. Rebecca Osborne received her B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Washington in 2003. She then attended graduate school at UCLA and received her Ph.D. in June of 2009 in the field of Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Educational Technology Leadership at George Washington University. She has been teaching at Fairmont Preparatory Academy for four years as a biology and chemistry teacher. She also served as the Director for the Advanced Science and Engineering Program during the 2013-2014 school year. Before coming to Fairmont, she taught college courses in microbiology, genetics, and molecular biology at UCLA and Cypress College.

Two years ago, she took on the role of leading the technology initiative at Fairmont Private Schools. She created professional learning courses for teachers and assists educators in integrating technology into their curriculum. She has presented at OCCUE and iPads in Higher Education conferences.

Contact Dr. Osborne at

Mrs. Joanna Yujuico
Education Coordinator II​​

Joanna Yujuico received her BA in Liberal Studies with an emphasis on Global Studies along with her multiple subject teaching credential from California State University, Long Beach. She has been a teacher at Fairmont since 2007 at the North Tustin Campus, and since then has joined Fairmont's Education Department as Education Coordinator. Along with teaching, Joanna served her campus as Math Coordinator, Grade Level Coordinator, Technology Tiger Team member integrating 21st century classrooms onto the campus, and also helped to build the nationally ranked cheer program. Joanna has great experience creating a TEC (Technology-Enhanced Curriculum) classroom, and will serve as a support to all of Fairmont's teachers and students.

Contact Mrs. Yujuico at

Ms. Carolyn Lucia
Director of Education​​

Carolyn joined Fairmont Education Group in 2011 as the Dean of Advanced Studies at Fairmont Preparatory Academy, and currently serves as the Director of Education. Her extensive background in education encompasses a broad range of positions including teacher, Dean of Students, Student Services Coordinator, Assistant Principal, as well as Founder and Director of a charter school. She has a strong knowledge of and great success with implementing technology into 21st century classrooms. In addition, Ms. Lucia teaches graduate level courses in Educational Administration. She was also honored to have been selected to help pilot the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation MET study project for assessing effective teaching methods. Carolyn completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications at Chapman University and her Master of Science degree in Educational Administration at National University. Additionally, she holds several California credentials including Single Subject English, Multiple Subjects, and Administrative Services.

Contact Ms. Lucia at

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of iPad does my student need?

Your student must have an iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air or iPad Mini with at least 32GB of memory. These are the minimum requirements. Since your student will be using the iPad in all classes to create projects, store textbooks, download homework, and research information, at least 32GB of memory is required so that the iPad is able to store all of this material.

Is a 3G enabled iPad required?

Your student is expected to have Internet access while away from campus. Although 3G is not required, you may want to purchase this option if your student does not have reliable Wi-Fi access at home. While on Fairmont campuses, students may not use 3G or 4G connections.

How does my student learn to use the iPad? What resources will be available?

Fairmont will provide periodic training sessions, including an introductory session at the beginning of the school year, for the students to become familiar with the use of their iPads. These sessions will be listed on the academic calendar. In addition, Fairmont will provide both Student-Use and Parent-Use Handbooks through iTunes U. These handbooks will provide tips, instructions, and other information on the use of the iPad and various apps that the student may be expected to use throughout the school day.

Will any other device besides the iPad be acceptable?

No. The iPad is required because all students are expected to have access to the same functions, applications, and options on their tablets. All teachers will be using lessons and curricula that are specific to the iPad. If your student brings another device, he or she may be asked to utilize our loaner program (see question below) and may miss out on valuable instruction and activities.

How will you enforce student access of appropriate material, apps, and websites on the iPads?

As with any materials that the student brings to class, how the iPad is used during class time will be monitored by the teacher. If the student is not using the iPad appropriately, they will be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the Fairmont Prep RYO Acceptable Use Policy.

Do I need to provide a protective cover for the iPad or other accessories or will the school provide these items?

Protective cases and screen covers are highly recommended and will not be provided by Fairmont. In addition, the student may want to use a stylus and/or keyboard to assist in typing on the iPad. These accessories will not be provided by Fairmont.

What happens when my child misplaces the iPad, damages it, or forgets to bring it to school?

Fairmont Preparatory Academy will utilize a Loaner Program for students who do not come to school with a functioning iPad. The student must visit the campus coordinator in the morning before school no later than 7:40am to rent a loaner iPad for the day. The cost is $25 per day which must be paid in advance. The student will have use of the iPad until the following day at 7:40am. For each day that the iPad is used, it must be checked back in by 7:40am, and payment for each day of use is due in advance. If the iPad is not checked in by 7:40am, an additional $25 fee will be assessed. Failure to bring the iPad back after 48 hours will result in the student being charged the full price of the iPad, $650, which will be added to the tuition fees. Junior High campuses will not have a loaner program. Therefore, if your student loses or forgets their iPad, they may miss out on instructional activities and/or have to make up the work at home.

Do I need to buy insurance? What are my options for warranty and repairs?

Although insurance is not required, it is highly recommended that each family subscribes to some form of insurance protection. Apple Care covers one year of limited warranty (, and additional coverage can be purchased through Apple ( The Worth Ave. Group also provides a comprehensive policy (, as does Square Trade ( There are also a number of local repair shops that will provide most hardware repairs, such as RepairZoom in Irvine or iCracked iPad Repair in Orange. Fairmont has a discount agreement with Bubble Screen in Anaheim as well. Just mention you are a Fairmont parent or student when dropping off your iPad for repair.