Welcome to Fairmont Prep’s Registrar Office!

Welcome to Fairmont Prep's Registrar Office!


All document requests must be made online by clicking here. The processing time for a document request is three to five business days at no charge.

All documents sent internationally will be sent via DHL at a charge of $47 per address. Pick up requests will be available at the front desk and will only be released to the student or the parent/guardian of record.

Below is a list of documents that can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office.

Official Transcript
This is an official document containing a complete record of your senior high school coursework taken at both Fairmont Preparatory Academy and at previous schools. Your Fairmont cumulative GPA can be found on this document. This is also the official record of graduation following the completion of your requirements. This document is printed on transcript paper and includes the seal of the school as well as the Registrar’s signature. A transcript must have these three elements to be official. This document is generally required for visas, transfers, and college applications.

Unofficial Transcript
An unofficial transcript contains identical information as the official transcript but is printed on plain white paper and does not contain a seal or signature. This can also be a photo or electronic copy of an official transcript.

Letter of Enrollment
This is a letter signed by the Registrar verifying your dates of enrollment as well as your anticipated or actual date of graduation.

Report Card
A report card is a grade report of a specific term taken at Fairmont.

Please note that requests without a Purpose of Request will not be processed.