9th Grade Experience

9th Grade Experience
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The Defining Year

9th grade is full of excitement, anticipation, and new experiences. At Fairmont Prep, we focus on making 9th grade a year that students will remember forever - a year that sets the foundation for the friendships, independence, and strong character they will develop throughout high school.

Freshman Experience Retreat

For our freshmen students, the school year begins with an overnight retreat in August. This retreat is an annual tradition where our newest students have the opportunity to bond as a class before the school year begins. Our Associated Student Body coordinates the event and plans all kinds of activities, from speed networking to an outdoor movie to the all-time favorite--making a world record size banana split in a drain pipe covered in foil! The memories and friendships made at Freshman Experience last throughout our students' high school years.

Individualized Guidance Quick Facts
  • Fairmont Preparatory Academy’s academic and counseling program is unique by design to provide each student the individualized guidance he or she needs to succeed academically and prepare them for success in college.
  • We have eight counselors total, including three Academic Counselors, two College Counselors, one International Program Counselor, and two Advanced Programs Counselors.
  • Our Academic Counselors serve as our students’ advisors throughout their four years at Fairmont Preparatory Academy.

9th Grade Counseling Support

Freshman year begins with a one-on-one meeting between the student and his or her Academic Counselor. The Academic Counselors introduce freshmen to the variety of academic and extracurricular paths Fairmont Preparatory Academy has to offer and helps guide them in finding the path that best meets their individual interests and aspirations. From there, the Academic Counselors facilitate a partnership between the school, the student, and his or her parents to develop a comprehensive Four Year Plan.

This working document serves as a road-map to guide students through their high school years and ensure they have time allotted to experience everything they are interested in at Fairmont Preparatory

Academy. By learning how to go through this planning process, our students prepare themselves to be self-motivated and organized in college.

Freshmen continue to meet with their Academic Counselors throughout the 9th grade year to check-in and share their experiences. The Academic Counselors help students navigate difficult situations, challenge themselves to explore new opportunities, and develop the confidence they need to make their own decisions. Freshman year is transformative for our students - they often begin the year anxious and uncertain, but they finish the year passionate and driven to accomplish their goals.

9th Grade Curriculum

Fairmont Preparatory Academy Admissions FAQ’s for Fairmont 8th Graders

Q. How do I enroll at Fairmont Preparatory Academy for 9th grade? What is the process for current Fairmont students?

A. As a current Fairmont 8th grader, the enrollment process is very streamlined. Simply complete your re-enrollment contract when it arrives in February and return the completed contract and deposit to your campus Admissions Director by the re-enrollment deadline. The Admissions Director will process your enrollment, and you will begin to receive new student information from Fairmont Prep right away.

Q. Do I need to fill out a Fairmont Preparatory Academy application?

A. No, for standard enrollment at Fairmont Prep, current 8th grade students do not need to complete an application form. Fairmont’s junior high curriculum prepares students for the academic rigor at Fairmont Prep, therefore our junior high students automatically qualify for admission. If you would like to apply for our Advanced Science and Engineering Program (ASEP) or International Business Program (IBP), you do need to complete a program-specific application. Please email Mr. Justin Voss (student last names A-L) at or Mr. Ray Prado (student last names M-Z) at for more information and the application form.

Q. Can I schedule an individual Shadow Day at Fairmont Preparatory Academy?

A. We welcome all 8th grade students to experience a day at Fairmont Prep by scheduling a Shadow Day. To arrange your personal experience, simply contact Mrs. Kristen Jansen at 714-999-5055.