Current Students

Current Student

Preparing for college isn't just about excelling in the classroom.

That’s why campus life is so important at Fairmont Prep. From student government and clubs to community service and sporting events, the students at Fairmont Preparatory Academy are stretching their minds and making friendships that will last a lifetime. Fairmont Prep has more than 40+ clubs, 14 varsity sports, and dozens of student-lead activities and events throughout the year.

Beyond the Classroom

Fairmont’s Prep Plus after school program is a unique and dynamic rotating schedule of after school tutoring & enrichment workshops. Prep Plus gives students who desire to learn a new sport, prep for a test, get homework help, or just socialize with friends the opportunity to choose from a variety of classes and workshops. Prep Plus is included in tuition and offered to students free of charge.

Speech and Debate

Today, it’s more crucial than ever that American teens develop the skills to speak powerfully and persuasively in front of an audience as well as learn to think critically, explore all sides of an issue, and formulate evidence-based, rock-solid points of view.