International Foundation Center

International Foundation Center

Through the International Foundation Center (IFC), managed by University Track Preparation, LLC – Fairmont Preparatory Academy offers specialized preparatory language coursework and student services to our international students. The IFC will allow international students to maximize their time in acquiring their language proficiency while taking the necessary credit-bearing courses they need to graduate.

International Foundation Year

The International Foundation Year program at Fairmont Preparatory Academy is designed for international students with an intermediate and low-advanced level of language proficiency. This program combines intensive language coursework with academic credit-bearing coursework so that our international students are able to maximize the time it takes to complete their studies.

Language Foundation

Students who have not yet met the English language proficiency requirements to the International Foundation Year are able to apply to the Language Foundation program at Fairmont Preparatory Academy. This intensive, extended-day program consists of one-to-two semesters dependent upon language ability. Upon completion of this program and acquisition of the necessary language skills, students may advance into Fairmont Prep's International Foundation Year program.

Advising & Support

The IFC staff at Fairmont Preparatory Academy will be on hand to assist international students with their transition by advising them on the academic courses, extra-curricular activities and programs offered at Fairmont Preparatory Academy. We will also be sending monthly progress reports home to our international students’ parents so they are aware of how great their students are performing here at Fairmont Preparatory Academy. It is important to make the most out of the Fairmont Prep experience, and our staff at the IFC will be sure to give all students the support they need to fulfill their goals.


We have many resources available for Homestay students to help acclimate to life in America. Our dedicated Homestay staff, International Student Manager, and counselors work together to monitor the student’s home life on a regular basis, and ensure safety and comfort. Read More