Short-Term Immersion Program

Short-Term Immersion Program

Throughout the year, Fairmont welcomes visiting students and teachers from around the globe. Students come to learn English and teachers come to share methodologies, educational philosophies, pedagogical best practices, and cultural exchange. These Short-term Programs are designed to meet the unique needs of various schools and educational groups worldwide. The programs vary in length from two to six weeks, depending on the size and needs of the group. While visiting, students and teachers enjoy a unique immersion program through homestay accommodations with American families.

  • English Language and American Culture Camp
    • Elementary School (1st – 6th grade)
    • Junior High School (7th – 8th grade)
    • High School (9th - 12th grade)
  • Teacher Training
  • Pre-IB Program
  • American Studies


We learned so many things about American education during our visit, and saw our students enjoy so many new activities. I want to keep doing the Friday Forum (current events discussion activity) back in Shanghai. I’ve never seen my students so engaged. - Beibei, Pinghe Teacher
You can't imagine how much motivation and confidence our students got after their experiences at Fairmont. I was really amazed. - Jini, Global Edu Director
In China, my studies are about getting good grades and preparing for tests. But when I visited Fairmont, my studies were about thinking critically and learning to communicate better with my classmates. - David, Pinghe Student
One week ago, my students did not dare speak a word of English. Today, they can’t and won’t stop talking. Thank you so much for building up their confidence and abilities. - Guiyang Administrator, Ms. Xu Zhengxiu

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