Why Fairmont Prep?

We Provide Students with the Resources to Pave Their Paths To Success

At Fairmont Preparatory Academy our mission is clear; create confident leaders and lifelong learners who will thrive in college, and throughout their lives. We achieve this by:

  • Creating individualized learning for students to pave their path toward success.
  • Specialized academics: Advanced Science and Engineering Program (ASEP), International Business Program (IBP), International Baccalaureate Programme (IB), Advanced Math, and 25 AP courses.
  • Individualized college counseling beginning in 9th grade and continuing through 12th grade with 8 counselors on staff.
  • Offering access to opportunity; students may participate in over 46 clubs, 15 varsity sports, and over 50 activities and events throughout the year that encourage them to stretch their minds.
  • A vibrant and diverse campus that encourages acceptance and teaches empathy.

Today’s students must cultivate a wide-range of knowledge, experience, and real-world skills in order to compete in a rapidly-changing world. Fairmont Prep students build a solid academic and social foundation while at the same time developing strong character traits and cultural understanding.