The International Business Program at Fairmont Preparatory Academy launched its first excursion into international business with Startup School Asia under the direction of Startup Malaysia. A select group of Fairmont students are spending this week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, together with students from around the world, to learn about design thinking, coding, and pitching in Malaysia’s dynamic startup culture.

As part of this entrepreneurship boot camp, the students have an exciting opportunity to transform an idea into a dynamic business plan for a pitch contest. Microsoft Malaysia, Selangor Pewter Factory, Sunway University, Taylor University, Petronas Twin Towers, Multimedia Development Corporation, MakeSpace, and the U.S, Embassy are among the destinations the students will be visiting and networking.

During the first portion of the trip, students were introduced to the nation’s startup “ecosystem” and investigated how entrepreneurship is changing the world. While exploring historic sites around Kuala Lumpur, they will also gain valuable insights from investors and inventors on how to turn ideas into business opportunities. The students will develop essential entrepreneurial skills while brainstorming, building, and pitching apps based on their own ideas. Near the end of this adventure, the students will pitch their innovations to a select panel of judges.

The students are being trained by local leaders and specialists, including Dash Dhakshinamoorthy, founder of Startup Malaysia and a recognized authority on entrepreneurship. Dhakshinamoorthy will speak at the request of the White House later this month in Nairobi, Kenya, at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

Startup School Asia focuses on experiential learning programs designed to teach young people to become the next generation of problem solvers, to build solutions using technology, and to develop an entrepreneurial mindset while having a tremendous amount of fun.

The project is led by Mary Hurley, dean of academics and advanced studies for Fairmont Preparatory Academy, and by Katka Letzing, program director at Startup Malaysia. Letzing serves as a member of Fairmont Prep’s International Business Program External Advisory Board and resides in San Francisco and Zurich.