Sarah Cole, member of Fairmont Prep’s Class of 2010 and Class of 2014 at Oberlin College, is currently working for the Carter Center, a nonprofit organization founded by former President Jimmy Carter and First Lady Rosalynn Carter. An organization dedicated to fighting poverty and oppression, the Carter Center was founded in 1982 and is committed to emphasizing human rights, resolving conflicts, and improving the health and living conditions of communities around the world.

As a history major with a Middle Eastern concentration, Cole joined the Carter Center as an intern for the center’s Conflict Resolution Program and worked on the “Countering ISIS Propaganda” project, where her research contributed to a paper published by the center in December 2015. Since the conclusion of her internship, Cole has remained at the Carter Center full-time and plans to attend graduate school this fall. She will pursue a master’s degree in international relations with the goal of building a career in international relations research.

Cole joined Fairmont Private Schools in the 3rd grade and continued to Fairmont Prep, where she was active in the International Baccalaureate Programme.