Last weekend, your Fairmont Prep debate team traveled to the National Speech and Debate Season Opener at the University of Kentucky. Six teams competed in Public Forum debate, and one speaker competed in extemporaneous speaking. The students debated whether or not the deployment of anti-missile systems is in South Korea’s best interest. The tournament comprised the best 80 public forum teams in the country.

At the end of six preliminary seeding rounds, 32 teams advanced into the double-octafinals elimination bracket. The team of Kyle Kishimoto and Adnan Ismail were awarded a silver bid to the annual Tournament of Champions, taking place this April, after they were eliminated in double-octafinals by the third-seeded team. The freshman/sophomore team of Jennifer Cresap and Matthew Ong advanced to octafinals before being eliminated from the competition, securing them Fairmont Prep’s first gold bid of the year to the Tournament of Champions. The team of Gurveer Singh and Jake Palmer were quarterfinalists. They also secured a gold bid and, after nine rounds of debate, placed fifth in the overall competition. Out of 160 speakers, Palmer was individually awarded 19th-place speaker, and Gurveer Singh was individually awarded 11th-place speaker.

Preceding the tournament, Singh and Palmer were invited to compete in the prestigious University of Kentucky Round Robin Tournament. Only the top eight teams in the country secured spots. Singh and Palmer placed sixth and seventh, respectively.