Last Saturday, your Fairmont Prep debate team competed in the fifth annual Claremont Bargain Belt Invitational. Four teams competed in Public Forum Debate, 12 debaters competed in Congressional Debate, and novice Ishika Kanakath competed in Original Oratory. The students debated a wide range of topics, including the Korean crisis, what to do about Dreamers, the efficacy of a flat tax system, and the state of America’s nuclear arsenal. The tournament comprised more than 500 competitors from all over California.

In Varsity Public Forum, two Fairmont teams made it to the quarterfinal elimination round: sophomores Olivia Bobrownicki and Adam Alamy and juniors Scott Hong and Kyle Kishimoto. The team of Hong and Kishimoto won its semifinal debate and advanced to finals, where they placed second overall. Bobrownicki and Alamy ended their run in quarters.

In Congressional Debate, 12 of the 55 competitors were freshmen from Fairmont Prep. Only 15 of those 55 debaters advanced to the final Congress Super Session, and five of those 15 debaters were from Fairmont. After a contentious final round, three Fairmont Prep students ended in the top 10. Sophia Lander placed second, and Nkemdilim Obiamalu captured fifth place!

Additionally, two middle schoolers from Fairmont North Tustin competed in Novice Public Forum. Novices Ryan G. and Rohun G. advanced to quarterfinal elimination rounds, where they lost on a 2-1 decision. This was their first Public Forum debate tournament ever. Ryan G. also individually tied for fourth-place speaker out of 76 novice competitors.

Congratulations, Huskies!