Last month, your Fairmont Prep debate novices competed in the annual Orange County Speech League Novice Tournament. Five students competed in the Congressional Debate category and debated topics such as improving U.S.-Latin American relations, how to improve the U.S. prison system, and the proper scope of presidential executive orders. The tournament comprised 207 competitors from 16 schools, representing all of Orange County.

After three rounds of lengthy, intense debate, Fairmont Prep swept the Congressional Debate category, taking home all four trophies awarded. The freshmen students below captured awards in the overall competition.

First place: Rylen Patel
Second place: Sophia Lander
Third place: Ishaan Vaswani
Fourth place: Dean Alamy
Sixth place: Martand Bhagavatula

This was the first foray into the Congressional Debate category for all Fairmont Prep participants, and they will have another opportunity to demonstrate their skills next weekend at the 25th annual Jack Howe Invitational.

Additionally, national rankings for Public Forum Debate are finally starting to come in. We are proud to announce that the junior/senior team of Jake Palmer and Gurveer Singh is currently ranked 19th in the nation, while the freshman/sophomore team of Jennifer Cresap and Matthew Ong is currently ranked 40th in the nation!