How can you not love the first day of school? Sure, it does signify the end of summer and some beautiful carefree days here in Southern California, but the start of school brings so much potential. There is that eagerness to see old friends, meet new teachers, and plan a year of events.

Fairmont Prep students started the 2018-2019 school year on Tuesday and were welcomed back to campus by teachers, staff, and friends. You can always tell the first day of school simply by the noise level on campus as laughter and joy fill the hallways.

Armed with their schedules, students began navigating the campus in search of their classes with a slight bit of hesitation to see what the next syllabus held for them. The counseling office was full of students making that last adjustment to perfect their schedule. The courtyards hummed with the sounds of students recounting their summers to their friends.

As much fun as the start of school is, the campus quickly settles into a routine as Fairmont does what it does best: educate students. When the bell rings the hallways empty and there is a buzz that comes out of the classrooms as teachers and students work in conjunction with one another to explore subjects. One only needs to walk by the classrooms to see students wearing safety goggles in the lab, others editing videos for a film presentation, or engaging in deep discussion about political issues. This is the heart of Fairmont and, after a long summer, it is great to have it back.

But we can’t leave a new school year blog entry without a piece of advice, so here goes: try something new. Whether that’s a new subject in school or a new club, get yourself out there and expand your horizons. Sit with new people at lunch every once in a while. Fairmont Prep is a small school so use that to your advantage to get involved. Good luck, Huskies!