After a quiet, somewhat dormant summer at Fairmont Prep, the campus has come alive this week as teachers have returned to prepare for another great school year. The campus has some new improvements, most notably in the gym with a new floor, scoreboard, and the upcoming addition of a video board as well. New shade has been placed on campus to allow students to enjoy lunch outside. Teachers have moved classrooms to bring entire departments together and encourage collaborative work. There is a buzz on campus as we welcome back our returning students and welcome our newest Huskies to Fairmont Prep.

With the start of a new school year, the potential seems limitless. All students begin with straight “A’s” and have the chance to maintain those grades throughout the year. Teachers are excited to try new lessons and new ways in which to engage with the students. The counselors are ready to guide students along and help a new batch of seniors through the college process. Coaches are preparing to put their teams out there to compete after months of planning and practice. Student government has been planning for the first few events on campus and are eager to welcome new and returning students alike.

To help ring in the 2018-2019 school year here is some advice:

Have fun.
If you don’t enjoy the classes you are taking, ask yourself why you take them? Is it to look good on a transcript? That may not be the right answer.

Challenge yourself.
Be aware of what you can really handle. Try that challenging course, but recognize you have other classes and responsibilities to take care of as well.

Get involved.
Find something to do, either on campus or off. Play a sport, join the choir, volunteer, start a club, but do it because you like to do it.

Advocate for yourself.
Only you know what you want and need to be successful. Talk to your teachers, your counselor, your mentors and figure out how to reach those goals.

Support each other.
It is not a race or competition. Be a positive spot for those around you and they, in turn, will be a positive light for you.

Good luck and have a great school year!