Fairmont Preparatory Academy is known for its excellence in academics. However, their sports program is also thriving which can be attributed to their top-level coaching staff and student athletes.

An example of this is Joedy Gardner hired in 2016 as head coach for boys basketball. In his past 24 years of coaching, Gardner has accumulated an overall record of 289-92. He has coached or mentored 27 players in the NBA, and this only scratches the surface of his incredible career.

In fact, Fairmont fields 14 sports at the varsity level and three sports with JV teams (girls volleyball, girls basketball, and boys basketball). Boys basketball also fields a freshman/sophomore team. Once a Fairmont team qualifies for the CIF playoffs (California Interscholastic Federation – the governing body for high school sports in California) teams are then placed in divisions by competitive equity.

What role do athletics play in the lives of Fairmont students? The benefits are far-reaching. It’s no secret that physical exercise and mental acuity is directly correlated. What about the hidden advantages? According to Fairmont Prep Athletic Director David Esparza, “our students learn valuable skills such as commitment, time management, leadership, and the fact that success is earned through hard work and determination. Getting them to believe in their abilities and trust the process prepares them for the chance to take the game-winning shot.”

One competitive advantage the student-athletes at Fairmont Prep have is their unwavering committed to academic success. “We expect our student-athletes to succeed in the classroom and on the court. Most of our athletes are overachievers who have found the drive and time management skills to excel at both,” Esparza said.

Starting his 25th year at Fairmont Prep, Esparza has experienced countless teachable moments with his student-athletes. “My favorites are when our students’ self-esteem and character take shape. They begin to form their foundation for a lifetime of success.”

With a competitive high school athletics program in place, few will argue Fairmont Prep is on the radar with a healthy combination of academic and athletic programs that concentrate on building strong leaders who will succeed in school, athletics, and throughout their lifetime.