Someone once said, “The stepping stones to success are the drive, determination, and the desire to do your best.” For Fairmont Prep graduate, Dani Nguyen, this sentiment holds a lot of truth.

After graduation from Fairmont Preparatory Academy in 2017, Dani chose to attend California State University, Fullerton where she majors in Biological Science with a concentration in Molecular Biology/Biotechnology and minors in Psychology. As a rising undergraduate student, her enthusiasm for the medical field is evident. It’s for this reason she has been accepted into the Bio-organic/Biochemistry research laboratory where she works as a research assistant, an honor for a freshman, and a real testament to her passion as a student.

As an undergraduate research assistant, she will be conducting chemical experiments using a special technique called SELEX. This entails developing small molecules such as enzyme inhibitors and targets for DNA Aptamers so they can use them for DNA nanorobots in the future. Loosely translated, she’s working on some very cool stuff.

“This project will help me somewhat prepare for more laboratory works. Hopefully, I will be familiar with all the skills and process when I’m able to conduct my own independent research,” Dani said.

Already looking ahead, Dani would like to pursue an M.D. or Ph.D. and work as a medical researcher. “I want to travel the world to bring new cures to people,” she said. Ultimately, her goal is to explore different aspects of biochemistry and apply them to everyday life.

There is no doubt that Dani Nguyen is well on her way to Paving her Path to success, with an incredibly bright future ahead. When asked what advice she’d give to current Fairmont seniors, she said “Expect the unexpected. You will never know what you are capable of until you try it.”