Seniors, it’s time! We just had our annual College Fair evening with over 100 colleges and universities in attendance, and we are halfway through all of our day visits from 150+ colleges, this means it is time to get working on those college applications.

By now, you’ve been working with one of Fairmont’s college counselors on crafting a balanced list so that you have a few of those dream schools, some great target schools, and a few foundation schools on there as well. You’ve hopefully been listening during those counseling meetings when the counselors spoke about being true to yourself in the college process and looking for the best fit and match for you. Remember, you are the one going to college here, not mom, not dad, not grandma, not your uncle either, so you need to make these choices for you. Use your college counselor to understand your chances at different schools better and find out what is important to you in your search.

Many of our seniors have not sat down and taken stock of everything they have accomplished in high school. And yet, when they do, they often find out some new things about themselves. Seniors, take this opportunity and have it reflect in your college search. Don’t be afraid if the schools you have been talking about since 8th grade don’t make it on your final college list. You are not the same person you were in 8th grade. Let those new interests and new views shape how you go about your college search.

Overall, do your own thing. Don’t worry about what your friends are doing or what your parents are making you do. Find a compromise and ensure that you are doing this for yourself. Your counselor can help guide you through this process and ask those difficult questions. They may encourage you to look at a particular major or a somewhat unknown school, know that they are following your lead. Fairmont does not define success by the rank of the colleges our students are admitted to; we find success in knowing that students are going to the right colleges for them.

Just a few more month seniors, you are almost done here. Keep up the great work and make yourselves proud.