Fairmont Prep has been a hive of activity recently as Spirit Week and Homecoming have come once again. The Student Government (ASB) spends months planning a week unlike any other on campus for students to enjoy which culminates in the Homecoming football game and the Homecoming Dance.

On Monday morning as students walked through the halls, they were greeted with decorations from each of the classes representing different high school stereotypes. The freshmen took us back to the 1950s with jukeboxes and a checkerboard floor adoring their hallway. Next, the sophomores brought out our inner jocks with their sports theme. The juniors divided their hallway with pink for Mean Girls and black for the goths in all of us. Lastly, the seniors lined the walls with textbooks and exams to showcase our nerdy side.

Catered lunches and activities highlighted each lunchtime, with music, inflatables, a photo booth, and games to keep everyone entertained. One day even had a puppy petting zoo that student’s enjoyed.

For Thursday Fairmont Prep invited all of our 8th grade students to participate as well with a pre-rally that featured some of our football players, the cheerleaders teaching some cheers, and some great videos about life as a student at Fairmont Prep. The 8th graders then joined Fairmont Prep students for lunch and attended our Homecoming Rally. At the Rally, the athletes from our fall sports were introduced and the Homecoming Court was welcomed by the student body. Throughout it all, Fairmont mascot Hank the Husky was around cheering everyone on.

The last piece of the puzzle is the Homecoming Dance which has a High School Musical theme at Fairmont Prep on Saturday night where students will dance the night away under a tent erected on campus. Thank you for all of the hard work put in by ASB, it has been an amazing week on campus and a good reminder that “We’re All in This Together.”