Do you remember 122 days ago when we started the school year? All that hope, optimism, and potential? Well, here it is the end of the semester and we finishing finals so that we can go off to winter break and enjoy some much needed time off. Students have worked hard throughout the semester and have done that last minute cramming to be prepared for final exams. But come the end of this week they don’t have to think about any of that for a few weeks.

Our seniors feel it the most as they have been doing all of the school work but have the added expectation of completing their college applications. In fact, some of our students who have applied Early Action or Early Decision have already received some good news which makes winter break even more enjoyable. There are still a few more applications to complete, but for the most part, our students are ready to get all of their applications to be reviewed.

As with any break, we encourage you to let your kids be kids. Enjoy the holidays together and don’t stress about school. For parents of seniors, enjoy these moments before they head off to college next year and come home to a new dynamic. It may be Southern California, but put a fire in the fireplace and embarrass your kids by watching some old home movies. Go out to dinner together and reconnect as parents and children, not as parents and students. Parents, help shield your children from the questions of where they are going to college, most likely they don’t know yet as it is in the college’s hands. Students, you can tell everyone you are going to become a long-haul truck driver and see this beautiful country.

Most importantly though, enjoy the break. Do everything or nothing at all — your choice. But leave the schoolwork aside for a few weeks. No test prep, no resume building, just a break. Binge watch that show you’ve been hearing about for months. Go to the movies. Head down to the beach and watch the sunset. Sleep in late. Overeat. Play games with the family. Hang with friends. And then come back to us rested and ready for the second semester. Have a great winter break Huskies, and we will see you in 2019!