Did you break out those party hats and weird buzzing horns to ring in 2019?

We’ve made another trip around the sun! For our seniors, this means they are now second-semester seniors and have just months left in their high school career.

But after our much-needed winter break, how can we ensure that we keep the momentum going and our motivation up? Heck, the teachers need this just as much as the students do—the second semester can feel very long. It’s easy to get lost in the day to day activities of going to school, doing your work, sleeping, and then repeat. Staff and faculty are doing the same thing too. This is where a good school community comes together to remember the big picture. Why get bogged down in the mundane when you can take a moment to look at where you are going?

Students can be excited about the promises of a limitless future, but you have to build that foundation first. College awaits, a place for great academic freedom and personal growth, but to get there, you have to succeed in high school. That doesn’t mean you have to be a perfect 4.0 student or be a champion debater, but you should try to be better each day. Make this year the year you bring a new friend into your social circle. Maybe this is the year you try some new study habits or get to know your something fun about your favorite teacher. All of it will help you as you move onto college and beyond.

Teachers and staff can be excited about trying new things in their line of work and finding new ways to connect with students. As the gap between the ages of the students and the staff increases, it is increasingly important to make connections. But the core tenant remains: to educate and inspire young people to go out and do good. We at Fairmont continue to strive not just to develop strong academically-minded young people, but community leaders and innovators. We want you to think outside the box, and we want you to create beautiful things, we want you to develop deep relationships that stand the test of time. We may want more things for you than you have ever dreamed, but know, that we will be here to support you throughout this journey. So keep those party hats and horns going all the way through your graduation, and we will be here to celebrate with you.