If you know anything about Fairmont Prep, you probably know that we are a small school with a lot of different opportunities. Students can choose to take a variety of courses that suit their needs, which may include AP and IB courses along with advanced programs. You may also know that we have a pretty diverse student body with an engaging international student population along with our domestic students. This provides our students with an opportunity to learn in a truly global sense without having to leave Fairmont’s campus.

But did you know that we can hold our own when it comes to athletics as well? The school year isn’t over, and we’ve seen six teams go into playoffs. Our football team won its first-ever playoff game this year after building up for a few years. Girl’s tennis had another great year with some spectacular talent. Both our boys and girls soccer teams made it to the playoffs and have traveled all across Southern California trying to get games in during breaks in the weather. Our boys and girls basketball can also claim league wins and have gone into the playoffs. Boys basketball is playing on Saturday, February 23, night for the CIF Championship and has been putting on a fantastic show throughout the playoffs. The dedication that these athletes have to their sports is incredible, and it is great to see it pay off this way.

Currently, our hallways are full of posters getting everyone hyped for the games. Students have been coming to games as part of Loud Crowd, learning new cheers and creating an environment that shows our competitors Fairmont has school pride, but it’s even more exciting when you get to cheer on your team to victory! We hope to see you in the stands for our next big win!