By: Justin Voss


I was going to start this blog by talking about Johnny Cash’s version of “I’ve Been Everywhere” in which he strings together an incredible list of American cities in a short amount of time. However, I wanted to check my information first and list the appropriate songwriter which made this tricky. Did you know that song was originally written about Australia? Neither did I. Geoff Mack wrote it first in 1959 about the Land Down Under, but by 1962 Hank Snow had adopted it for an American version. So what was going to be a simple lead-in for this blog has become an unnecessary Wikipedia entry. My deepest apologies.

My point is that just by walking the hallways of Fairmont Prep, I feel as though I have been everywhere. It is Around the World Week here on campus and students have been celebrating a wide variety of cultures by donning traditional dress, eating a variety of foods, witnessing cultural dances, and listening to music from across the globe. Even as you walk from class to class you will see posters made by the ASB with interesting facts about different countries.

Even when it isn’t Around the World Week you get a great sense of culture. Stand in line at lunch and you are bound to hear a multitude of languages being spoken as friends gather together. You see this play out in class as students who grew up in different countries share unique perspective on current issues. Seeing a community rally around their diversity is an amazing opportunity for our students and our staff. You really can be everywhere without leaving campus.