Coach Rob Viviano joined Fairmont Preparatory Academy as the head soccer coach just a few weeks before practice started in 2018. He’s had experience coaching college, club, and high school soccer, and knew that he would be restructuring the girls and boys soccer program at Fairmont Prep.

Even though he completely supports the athletes with their academic obligations, he expects the students to take the program seriously if they anticipate receiving any game time. Coach Viviano’s strict rules and zero tolerance policy for blowing off practice resulted in quite an exceptional season for both the girls and the boys this past season. The boys won their league while the girls placed fourth—not too shabby considering most games they only had 11 players and some games they had as few as nine.

It wasn’t just commitment that Coach Viviano had to overcome. Because he joined the Fairmont team so close to the season, he was not able to schedule his own games, which resulted in some overlap. There were six times that Viviano had to make a choice between being at the boys or the girls games this past season, something that, he says, will not be a problem in the future.

As Coach Viviano and I discussed he manages to lead such a variety of skill-sets during practice, it became clear that Viviano is developing more than technical soccer skills within these students. He’s teaching them that commitment is key to success and that if you say you’re going to do something, then you need to do it.

In addition to Viviano having high expectations of the student-athletes commitment level, he also expected the same out of himself. He came on board at Fairmont Prep with an agenda to show these athletes that he values their hard work and effort. And Viviano proved that to them by making sure that the program receives all of the proper gear and equipment.

This season was a building block for Vivano and he fully expects the program to only become better in the future.