By Justin Voss

In the midst of your binging on Netflix, Hulu, Prime, or whatever you watch you may have come across one of those classic high school movies. You know the ones where the cool kid is rich but mean and the nerd wears glasses but can become cool by taking them off. Where the athlete can barely spell their own name and the artist is just a misunderstood soul. The one thing that all these movies seem to have in common is the way they end up at a high school dance, which is often Prom. The tried and true tradition of going to Prom has been around for years and Fairmont is no different.

This year students will be getting all decked out and heading up to Los Angeles to dance the night away at the Kyoto Gardens on the roof of the Doubletree Hotel. The junior class has outdone themselves this year arranging for some great food, mocktails, rolled ice cream, a fortune teller, air hockey, and an iconic Instagram-worthy setting. It’s great getting to see the students dressed up and ready to enjoy a break after a few long weeks of AP and IB exams and in preparation for graduation and finals.

Almost a year in the making, the Junior Class ASB is eager to welcome people to Prom. The Junior Class ASB has spent the year selling boba and popcorn to create an amazing Prom for everyone. They’ve spent even more time looking for a great venue and talking with vendors to make this an evening that will not be forgotten. We hope that all of our seniors and juniors will join us for a fun evening to cap off this year at Fairmont Prep.

Tickets are on sale at lunch and after school!