With the start of a new school year it is always a good time to set some goals to ensure that you are
ready to take advantage of everything available to you. And seeing as how our freshmen are new to the
Prep and to high school in general, I thought that I would take this opportunity to share some sage
wisdom from someone who attended high school before the Jonas Brothers even had the chance to
unite as a band, let alone reunite.

This advice actually comes from someone who has seen what has helped students succeed in high school and beyond. If there is anything I love to create, it is a nice list full of self-proclaimed wisdom, so here goes:


Ease Into High School

Remember it is just freshman year, no one expects you to take all of the hardest classes right
now. Ease into it, you will have time for those hard classes later.


Get Involved

Find something (or some things) that interest you and get involved with them. It
doesn’t matter what it is as long as it makes you happy and you are excited to spend your time
doing it. When you are engaged in something you love it shows.


Try New Things

At the same time, don’t be afraid to try new things. You have time to decide whether or not you
like it.


Be Realistic With Your Time

Be realistic with your time restraints. Don’t over schedule yourself. Make sure you have time to
breath, sleep, and eat. Your parents would love to see you here and there throughout the years.


Time Management

That being said, use your time wisely. Deadlines have a habit of creeping up on you, so stay on
top of your work.


Ask Questions

You are here to gain knowledge, so ask questions to gain a better understanding.



Connect with others. Reach outside of your typical circles and make friends with a variety of people.


Speak Up

Learn to talk with your teachers. Some teachers assume that if you aren’t talking to them you
don’t care. I know sometimes it is tough to talk to them, but they are here to teach you.


Get to Know Your Mentors

Get to know your counselor, your coaches, your mentors.


Have Fun

Have fun. You only get to do high school once. Go to dances, go to games, go to performances.
Support your friends.


It is interesting to hear the seniors talk and share with others what they wish they had known. Much of
that is scattered into this list, but above all, it was enjoy high school and to do things for yourself. We
are excited to see what you will do with your four years here at Fairmont Prep!