Here at the Prep, our students take advantage of the many academic choices available to them.
Whether excelling in our many UC approved College Prep courses, striving for college credit with our
Advanced Placement Courses or embracing the global ethos of the International Baccalaureate program,
our students’ academic drive is on full display. While we whole-heartedly support their exploration and
mastery, we also stress the importance of balancing the drive for academic achievement with personal
growth and wellness.  We know to achieve any type of long sustainable success, you need balance.
To this end, you will hear our faculty and staff promote the idea of students getting involved in one or
more of the activities we offer including: 15 CIF sports we offer, 50 clubs, community service, Visual and
Performing Arts productions, as well as informal and formally planned social opportunities.
I witnessed students taking advantage of these opportunities one Saturday last spring. I was on campus
to watch our Debate Team articulate their cases against other schools and while here, took a walk over
to the gym where I saw badminton team encouraging each other during practice as the volleyball team
walked in laughing and joking after their offsite match.  Hearing music, I made my way out to the
flagpole where a group of students sang along to the lyrics of their favorite song while working on art
posters. Finally, I sat in the theater and watched students dance, sing and recite lines in preparation for
the spring musical production. The importance of balance was clear as social, emotional, physical needs
were all being met.

We’ve promoted the importance of balancing academic drive with personal wellness for quite some
time now but this year we’ve taken it a step further by offering what we call the Flex period.  Fairmont
Prep students have 8 periods, with one being non-academic. During this Flex period, students may
choose to work quietly in the library on homework, get one-on-one tutoring from teachers, meet with
their counselors or take a few minutes to read, listen to music or relax in the courtyard.   We are already
seeing the positive results of how the Flex period is helping students manage their stress.
Does this Academic/self care/wellness balance approach work?
We only have to look to our graduates to find the answer: They have headed off to wonderful schools all
over the country and the world!  We are incredibly proud of our outcomes, but I’m most proud of the
people Fairmont students become. Throughout their time here at the Prep, they’ve embraced their
academic drive and balanced it with self-growth opportunities. We have seen our graduates attain great
success in their professional and personal accomplishments which is truly our end goal as educators!