Ah, December.

It’s been called “the most wonderful time of the year,” but for many of our students the holidays are not yet a thought as all they can see are FINALS.  While most of us are getting into the spirit of the season, the high school student in our home may seem completely disinterested or even a bit of a grinch.

Here are some ways to help your student survive and thrive during this first semester finals:

1. Encourage sleep.  Studies have shown that pulling “all-nighters” are not only ineffective, they
actually can hinder peak performance.

2. Stock the fridge with healthy snacks. Some high school students think that as long as they have
plenty of caffeine infused drinks, they are good to go. However, we know that a well-balanced
diet powers the brain more effectively and for much longer than a temporary pick-me-up  from

3. Keep family holiday traditions in place! Don’t put off celebrations and decorations until after
finals are over. Finals are stressful, but balance is key! Finals can be a great reminder to our
students that they can still be successful while taking moments to enjoy the activities each
family holds dear.

4. Words of encouragement are not to be underestimated! A short pep talk or a post it note from a
parent or sibling in your student’s backpack can go a long way to boost confidence and reduce

5. Take breaks, often! Students can set an alarm at regular intervals during study time to stretch,
have dinner with the family, take a walk, or whatever brings enough relaxation and calmness to
return to studies feeling more refreshed and ready to absorb their material.

Happy Finals and Happy Holidays!