This month at the Prep, I am bursting with pride when witnessing the
compassionate and kind spirits of our school community.

As you may be aware, we routinely welcome groups of Chinese immersion students on our campus so they can experience American education firsthand, usually for a few weeks at time. Recently while hosting a group of 28 students, news of the Coronavirus outbreak necessitated that students remain in the U.S. for a few months rather than the short three weeks they anticipated due to travel restrictions and the inability to return to their homes in China.

Our Prep family has truly stepped up!

My inbox was flooded with emails from teachers asking how they could help make these students feel at home during their extended stay. They were invited to the Sadie Hawkins dance, cheered on our teams at home basketball games, and are participating in several other activities on campus. Prep students have embraced our wonderful sense of inclusion and celebration of diverse cultures by taking our visitors under their wings and ensuring that their temporary home in the U.S. is a happy place to wait out the time until it is safe for them to return to their families.

We recognize how difficult and frightening it may be for young students to adapt so quickly to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, especially so far away from family and all that is familiar, and I am so pleased that Fairmont has given them a home away from home.

Our stuff and students are second to none and I am delighted and filled with gratitude that they have shown such hospitality and goodwill towards our new friends! Go Huskies!