Academic & College Counseling

Unique By Design

Fairmont Prep’s counseling program is unique by design to provide each student the individualized guidance he or she needs to succeed academically and find his or her best college fit. Students begin meeting with their counselors during their freshman years so that they can set specific goals and hone in on the areas of study that interest them most and then create their personalized academic paths to achieve those goals.

Our counselors work with students every step of the way throughout their four years at Fairmont Prep. It’s this familiarity with each student that gives the counselors the ability to write personalized and relevant recommendation letters during their senior year.

“Another big bonus at Fairmont Prep is the counseling center. I know tons of schools that don’t have it, or, if they do, the counselors don’t really care because there’s so many students. At Fairmont Prep, it’s always nice to just hop on in and go see a counselor anytime I want.”
– Michelle Lee, Class of 2018

Student-to-Counselor Ratio



California Average

This means Fairmont students receive exceptional guidance and one-on-one support throughout the high school experience. This not only gives students more confidence, it also greatly increases the chances of acceptance to top universities.

Academic Counselors

Julie Weems

Lead Counselor
9th Grade Counselor

Hera Kim

10th – 12th Grade
Academic Counselor
Student Last Names A-L

Ming Liao


College Counselors

Darryl Foy

College Counselor
Student Last Names M-Z

Advanced Programs Counselors

Justin Voss

Lead College Counselor
Advanced Programs Counselor Students A-L

Ray Prado

Advanced Programs Counselor Students M-Z


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