Academics & Advanced Programs

Fairmont Prep’s college prep (CP) curriculum gives students the preparation they need to be successful in collegiate courses by teaching them study methods, critical thinking, and organization tactics. All of our standard CP curriculum is approved by the University of California (UC), and completion of our standard diploma curriculum qualifies our students acceptances to one or more of the UC campuses. At Fairmont Prep, we are committed to providing our students unique course offerings at every academic level so that all students are able to pursue what interests them most. In addition to our college prep course, we also offer honors courses as well as Advanced Placement (AP) and and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses.



College Preparatory

Standard level courses designed to prepare students to succeed in freshmen collegiate courses.


Honors Courses

Courses are more in depth and move at a faster pace than CP courses. They are designed to prepare students to succeed in Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, the International Business Program, and Advanced Science and Engineering Programs.


Advanced Placement

College level courses are advanced and are intended to culminate with the AP exam. If the student scores well on an AP exam, he/she may earn college credits for the course. It is expected that each student who takes an AP course will also take the AP exam for that course.


International Baccalaureate

Offered as part of the International Baccalaureate Program, each course includes varied assessments throughout and a final examination assessed by IB. Students choose from six different fields: English literature, world language, social science, mathematics, the sciences, and the arts.

Advanced Science & Engineering

The Advanced Science & Engineering Program (ASEP) successfully prepares students for college majors in science, engineering, and computer science. The unique curriculum combines AP-level science courses with real-world problem-based learning, encouraging students to develop as scientists and engineers. 

International Business

Launched in 2014, the International Business Program (IBP) helps to prepare motivated students to enter the global economy, using real-world applications so that they better understand business within the context of culture and ethics. Students are able to earn college credits in partnership with Cal Poly and have access to domestic and international internships, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, and a full breadth of AP course offerings. They will have opportunities to attend relevant seminars and take a variety of courses in applicable areas of study, including entrepreneurship, business management and leadership, and business marketing.

Advanced Mathematics

Fairmont Preparatory Academy has repeatedly been recognized by the College Board and the Siemens Corporation for having one of the top math programs in California. Fairmont Prep’s math program rivals those of top math and science schools across the country and allows students to take college-level math courses rarely offered in high school. The program provides a highly individualized approach to math education, allowing students of all abilities to receive the customized instruction they need to achieve their highest potential in high school courses and on essential college entrance tests.

International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate Program (IB) is an academically challenging and balanced program of education that prepares students for success at university level and throughout life.

Built on a cornerstone of creating a better world through education, Fairmont believes the IB program provides a highly individualized approach to learning, allowing students of all abilities to achieve their highest potential in high school courses and throughout college.

Graduation Requirements

Fairmont Prep students must complete a total of 230 credits as well as a combination of specific core subjects and electives in order to graduate. Students in all grades must carry 35 credits per semester, maintain seven-course schedules, and complete 80 required community service hours to fulfill graduation requirements.

All students will be placed in appropriate core courses, according to Fairmont Prep placement exams, standardized exams, teacher recommendations, and department chair final approvals. The graduation requirements listed below, along with elective courses, meet or exceed the University of California admission requirements.

English – four years/40 credits
Math – three years/30 credits
Science – three years/30 credits
Social Science – three years/30 credits
World Languages – two years/20 credits
Visual & Performing Arts – one year/10 credits
Physical Education – four semesters/20 credits
Health – one course
Fundamentals of Success – one semester

Summer School