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Your Fairmont experience does not have to end after graduation!

You Paved Your Path at Fairmont, now you can Share Your Path as a Fairmont Alumni. The FPA Alumni Association is here to help keep you connected and involved. Through the FPA Alumni Association, we hope to maintain open communication with you to keep you informed of school news, alumni and school events, and developments.

We can do this by having you Share Your Path! We would love to hear what you are doing after graduation and how Fairmont played a role in your journey. By taking the time to Share Your Path, you can help improve the academic and career support for current and future FPA students. Want to give back even more? Stay involved with alumni events and volunteer opportunities.

Anna Kunkle
Director of Community Service
(714) 999-5055 ext 1497

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Anar Bhansali

Class of 2009

Ben Harrison

Class of 2013

Christine Boutros

Class of 2013

Cierra Hall

Class of 2017

Christina Li

Class of 2017

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