Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions FAQ

What grade levels are accepted for the international program?
Age guidelines for K-8, students are placed chronologically. Students are able to repeat up to one academic year if they are applying to high school. However, they cannot be 21 years of age prior to May 1 of their senior years. In order to enter the program, students must be in their junior year of high school or younger. We do not accept students entering their senior year (12th grade).
What is the Foundation Program (FP)?

The Foundation Program is an intensive extended-day program created for students who have not yet met the English language proficiency requirements for the International Foundation Year. Visit our international program page for more information.

What universities do international students get accepted into?
Fairmont’s international students are able to attend some of the top colleges and universities in the nation, including New York University; the University of California, Berkeley; the University of California, Irvine; Williams College; and many other wonderful and highly respectable options.
What is Direct Entry (DE)?

The Direct Entry option is available for international students who have shown advanced levels of language proficiency, require minimal language support, and desire to earn Fairmont Preparatory Academy diplomas. Students may begin this option of study at either the junior high or high school level. Visit our international program page for more information.

What is the difference between Direct Entry with Writing Seminar (DEW) and Direct Entry (DE)?
The Direct Entry study option requires students to have stronger English language proficiencies as well as higher test scores. Students who need extra assistance with writing will be placed in the Direct Entry with Writing Seminar program.
What is the International Foundation Year (IFY)?

The International Foundation Year is an extended-day program created for international students who currently exhibit intermediate and low-advanced levels of English proficiency. Visit our international program page for more information.

How much is tuition?

Click here for tuition information.

Housing FAQ

What housing options does Fairmont offer students?

Homestay — For international students seeking extra levels of attention, the Fairmont Homestay program provides students warm and supportive environments where they feel like members of families. Living with American families allows students to enjoy new and exciting atmospheres as they experience complete immersion in the English language, daily customs, and traditional holidays. All Fairmont Homestay host families undergo a rigorous application process and participate in annual training sessions.

What if I want to change my housing option midyear?

Under certain circumstances, students in Fairmont Homestay may request to be placed with different host families or withdraw from the program entirely. Please contact Fairmont Homestay for more information.

Are there any planned activities for students over the weekend?

Yes, there are a variety of different weekend activities scheduled for students in our Fairmont Homestay programs.

What if I want to live with a relative or family friend?

Please contact the school for more information.

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