Student Housing

Independence, Safety, and Structure

Fairmont’s premium Student Housing community enables independence and fosters growth in a safe, structured environment. Blending traditional student housing with a caring, well-supervised family atmosphere, international students develop independence and learn to contribute as members of a team.

Under one roof, they study and live as a small community while receiving a well-rounded immersion experience. Currently open to international students entering grades 9 through 12, each residence will house all boys or all girls. A member of the Fairmont community will reside in each Student Housing home and serve as the “resident parent.”


Students in Fairmont Student Housing receive the following services and amenities:

A resident parent who is a member of the Fairmont community.

Safe and caring home life with room for independent study.

Daily professionally catered, nutritionally balanced meals.

Private van/shuttle service to and from school and for planned weekend excursions.

Become Part of the Fairmont Student Housing Community

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